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The students from Centro Educativo Costa Ballena got the opportunity to participate in a basketball tournament allowing students to practice, do some exercises, experience new things such as competing, getting prepared mentally and physically. 

The students of CECB celebrate this important day of Costa Rica with typical Costa Rican dances. The dances are prepared with time and determination and most students participate whether or not they are from Costa Rica.

Independence Day

September 15


Cultural Day

Culture day is an annual event in Costa Rica that showcases cultures from Costa Rica and around the world.  Each grade represents a culture and creates a booth of food, entertainment, trivia, and visuals from each location. 

Students participated in an event organized by the MEP called FEA where students can show off their artistic abilities and be selected to compete at regional and country.


Art Festival

Talent Show 


Our talented students show their hard work from months of preparing for the CECB Talent Show at the preschool where their parents and friends join and watch the spectacular shows.

CECB Science Fair


CECB science teachers organized a collaborative science fair with english and math teachers for the students to show and present their experiments and accomplishments to the school and community. 1st through 4th presented class demonstrations, and 5th through 10th grade presented individual projects, while the 11th graders were the judges. 

Last Day of School for Graduating Class of 2023

The 11th grade class last day of school field trip to Marina Bahia National Park to test out their surfing skills and have formal instruction for morning section of school.

2023 Graduation

The 11th, 9th, 6th, and Kindergarden grades all graduated  with their certificates of completion on 14th of December.  It is a day to celebrate the students and close out the end of the 2023 school year.

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