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A school at the heart of a community

“Society grows great when men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”


A pre-school that places the student at the center of all endeavors

The Centro Educativo Costa Ballena experience for prek1-kindergarden is where early learners at this level learn social-emotional skills along with basics for their future curriculum.  Bilingual language learning in both Spanish and English is a large part of growth for these students through these early years of development that helps enrich the educational goals for future bilingual learning. 

A school that places the student at the center of all endeavors

The Centro Educativo Costa Ballena experience is so much more than lessons in a classroom. Our focus is on the overall development of the student. Students are offered numerous opportunities for self-enrichment and personal growth. By fostering a strong sense of self-worth, we value each member of the Centro Educativo Costa Ballena community, promoting high standards of achievement and behavior within a structured and supportive environment.

A school recognized for excellence in teaching and learning

As an independent, co-educational, bilingual school we currently accept students from 3 to 17 years old. Our bilingual academic curriculum follows the California State Standards and the standards of the Ministry of Education of Costa Rica. With a reputation for bilingual and scientific
academic excellence led by our professional and dedicated staff, students are provided with a
high standard of education in a multi-faceted and challenging learning environment. Students are also presented with
opportunities to explore the creative arts, physical exercise, and to grow as independent thinkers and learners.

Ethos and Values
We are a secular school whose aim is to inspire children to discover and reach their fullest potential on the road to lifelong learning. We strive to raise caring students who possess integrity
and a healthy respect for others. We believe that experience is the best teacher of all, whether
through the experien
tial learning style in our classrooms, monthly circle time, science fair, cultural events, or lunch fund raisers. We expect all of our students to make a positive contribution
to the world around them, and by doing so, to understand more about themselves. We welcome
students from all religious denominations and backgrounds, and we foster an atmosphere of
tolerance and support irrespective of race, gender, nationality or belief.

Partnership With Parents / Communication With Home
The quality of our relationships with students and their families is very important to us and we
value the partnership of our s
tudents' lives and learning at home and at school. By creating close
working relationships with our students and their parents, we do our best to support the needs of
every student in our care. 


Our open door policy means that parents are always welcome to make an appointment to visit
and see the school in action. Similarly, we hope that parents will not hesitate to contact us to
discuss any concerns they may have regarding their child’s schooling.

"Our kids had such a wonderful experience at Centro Educativo Costa Ballena. Sofia and Elliot started school in September 2014 when they were 5 and 8 years old. For the nine months they attended the school, we always knew how much they loved it as they always left home with a smile in the morning and came back with stories to tell in the afternoon"
"Centro Educativo Costa Ballena is quite different from the usual brick and concrete school in
North America, where one is considered green if one has a few trees scattered on its premises.
This school is literally surrounded by the jungle. Trees are everywhere and wild monkeys and
other animals are occasional visitors."
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